Thanks to our sponsors at BASF, Corteva, the Entomological Society of Canada, and the Entomological Society of America, our donors and other supporters, we are pleased to present 5 inspiring students the BlackInEnto week student prize! Our greatest congratulations to Kyla O'Hearn, Diana Omoke, Suleiman Mustapha, Seun Olaitan Oladipupo, and JEGEDE Oluwasegun John.

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About #BlackinEntomology

Following in the new tradition of Black scientists creating inspiration and advocacy weeks (#BlackBirdersWeek, #BlackinMarineScience, #BlackinNeuro, and so many others), us Entomologists have decided it is our time. Whether you are a Black Entomologist, a Black student interested in Entomology, a hobbyist or novice Entomolosist of color, or a bug-loving community member or friend, we invite you to join us in celebration with the following goals in mind:

  • Foster Community
  • Create Funding Opportunities
  • Share Our Passion for All Things Insect
  • Inspire Each Other
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Profiles of Black Entomologists

Get to know the community

Jessica Ware
American Natural History Museum
Maydianne Andrade
University of Toronto
Michelle Samuel-Foo
Alabama State University
Nat Young
Oregon State University
Sonja Thomas
Auburn University
Shakara Maggitt
University of Georgia,
Vikram Iyengar
Villanova University
Kehinde Kemabonta
University of Lagos
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